Nevado de Toluca Lagoons

Its name in Matlaltzinga means “Water God House”, it is located between the Toluca and Tenango valleys (Matlaltzingo valley) 122 kms. (69.60 miles) from Mexico City, about 3 hours by car. Beautiful landscapes where you can see the two volcano ´s summits, Pico del Fraile (4680 mts. above sea level the real summit, 15,355 ft.) and el Pico del Águila. The hiking is inside the crater around the two lagoons, the Sun and the Moon. It is a 5 hours tour and since the entrance to the crater we will be at the 4000 masl (13,124 ft) the drop in descent is of 257 masl and rise elevation of 98 masl. After hiking we will enjoy local food in a place on the base of the volcano. It is a sacred volcano that has been important for the region cultures. It is an 11 hours tour.

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1-2 passengers: $4,850.00 mxn

3-5 passengers: $6,200.00 mxn

6-11 passengers: $11,900.00 mxn

Date: every day

Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Pick Up: any hotel in Mexico City

Difficulty level: difficult

Location: It is 180 minutes from Mexico City

Note: The weather can change dramatically



  1. Nevado de Toluca

  2. Quetzal Pass

  3. Lagoons of the Sun and the Moon

  4. Lunch


    • Hiking boots
    • Layered cloth, weather suddenly changes.
    • Bring mountain boots, to avoid kinks and slips.
    • Be ready to take great photos.
    • The walk will last approximately 5 hours.
    • Bring snacks and at least two liters of water.

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