on Bike (Cave)

A different experience around Teotihuacan’s archeological site, bringing us closer to the people, fauna and flora of the place.

Biking all over you may watch the pyramids from an other perspective visiting the circuit’s highlights.

Teotihuacan is Mexico and Mexico is Teotihuacan.

Come, join us!



Adult (13+): $650 MXN

Children (6 a 12): $450 MXN

Infant (5-): $370 MXN

Date: everyday

Hours: 9:00 am, 9:30 am, 10:00 am, 10:30 am

Time span: 3 hours tour, maximum five people in each group (sanitary measures)


  1. Teotihuacan’s Valley Stroll
  2. Visit the Regional Cave
  3. Visit the Cacti Garden
  4. Visit the Zip Line and Chain Bridge
  5. Visit Prickly pear (tuna-sweet-green, xoconostle-bitter-red) and Cactus’ (nopal) products factory


Bicycle, safety equipment, personal tour guide and bottle of water.


Pick Up: your accommodation in Mexico City:

$2,000.00 mxn from 1 to 5 people


Bring: comfortable clothes, walking shoes, hat or cap, small bag, cash.

Use: sunscreen and sunglasses.

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