Mexico City
Anthropology Museum

The Anthropology Museum is one of the most impressive and important museums in the country.

It has a large collection of the diverse cultures that shaped human settlements in this region of the world, including not only the territory we now know as Mexico.

We will take four hours visiting the main rooms of the museum that will definitely help to better understand the archeological cities from which several pieces were extracted.

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$500 mxn per person. *includes entrances and private guide.

Date: Tuesday to Sunday

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The tour is 4 hours long, you can change the departure time. 

Meeting point: entrance hall of the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City.


  1. Teotihuacan

  2. Toltecs

  3. Mexican

  4. Cultures of Oaxaca

  5. Cultures of the Gulf Coast of Mexico

  6. Cultures of the Maya area

  7. Cultures of the West

  8. Northern Cultures

  9. The Nahuas


Bring: comfortable clothes, walking shoes, small bag, cash.

Use: sunscreen, sunglasses.

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