Mexico City
Markets Tour

The visit is in the heart of Mexico City ́s street life style, exploring three different markets, Merced, Sonora and San Juan, discovering the culture mix between gastronomy and social development from Tenochtitlan, passing through the viceroyalty of the New Spain until Independent Mexico offering a lot of historical places along its old streets, with temples and colonial buildings.

Ex convents, herbalists, esotericism and exotic food wait for you in a three hours walking tour getting inside historical center harsh areas.

Come join us!


Price: $ 705.00 mxn per person

Date: everyday

Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Pick Up: Extra charge, any hotel in Mexico City:

$ 1,300.00 mxn from 1 to 5 people


  1. La Merced market
  2. Sonora market
  3. San Juan market


Simple dress code (no watch or jewelry), bring just a backpack with basic things you may need.

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