Mexico City
Coyoacan, Ciudad Universitaria and Xochimilco

This visit in one word would be: “colors”; the three points we will visit are full of them, and they are from different stages in the history of Mexico.

Coyoacan: the first town hall of the Anahuac Valley has a deep history in the conformation of the New Spain, being a Tepaneca site and then Franciscan-Dominican is a demarcation with a lot of soul, with its 16th-century houses, churches and museums where it is located , among others, the Blue House where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived.

From there we will go to Xochimilco, a demarcation that gives us a small example of what pre-Columbian cities were like with their Chinampero system; that is to say of artificial islands that make it a pleasant place to take a boat and enjoy Mexican folklore: mariachis, marimba, tequila and of course its colors. We will eat typical food in the boat, enjoy herons flying around and admiring the flower market.

Finally we will visit Ciudad Universitaria where we will find murals of important Mexican muralists, which we will certainly astonished for their beauty and meaning.

This is more than a city like Mexico can offer.

Come, join us!



1-2 people: $3,450.00 mxn per tour

3-5 people: $4,570.00 mxn per tour

6-11 people: $8,500.00 mxn per tour

Date: every day

Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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  1. Coyoacan
  2. Xochimilco
  3. Ciudad Universitaria


Bring: comfortable clothes, walking shoes, small bag, some cash.

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