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Why To Travel? Come, visit Mexico City! You'll be amazed.

Why Travel?

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To travel in other times wasn’t an easy thing to do, transportation wasn’t comfortable neither fast and took so much time to get to the places wanted to reach and some times even those that didn’t want to reach, also humanity was not use to receive foreigners in their lands on less they were living in crowed settlements with dynamic commerce.

Even though there were other motives why people started to move to other places and that’s how history of tourism started as we know it now, and that was the crusades. Because they were group of people traveling through Europe to get to the holly territories and maintain the land out of non Christian inhabitants, to get there they covered long distances and they had the need to eat, drink and rest due to that taverns started to get used and received many temporary visitors who generated development for their communities becoming from places that were protecting their community of invaders who used to destroy their villages, into hosts that offer their services and with the time developed their gastronomy, lodging, routes, even modals to receive certain kind of guests depending of their social status or richness.

That is how humanity started to realize the diversity of cultures that can be found around the world and therefore the way to see life is different depending on the sort of food they have what kind of weather they have, flora, fauna how isolated the community is, that is why in the history of mankind people that united different ways of living more over within a westerner perspective like would be Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus who went to other lands and changed the way their nationals used to eat, even the aspect of their cities of origin with all the resources that they found in other latitudes. Even thought investigating more profound we can discover how Saint Paul brought Christianity to Greece and from there to the rest of Europe and this religion had to adapt to new cultures in which it was introduced in order to be accepted in the society.

All this historic analysis help us to understand the importance of travel is not only the action of moving to other parts and spend great time resting or discovering different places that we have heard stories and have seen pictures of. Travel is without being aware the easiest way to become flexible minded since we have contact with other placer different from ours because of the people, weather, religion, and language just to mention some. To make us aware that our way of life is not the only one let us admit and understand other people, weathers, flavors, colors and opens our vision and heart.

Travel ingrain us, give us an identity, improves our creativity watching other ways of living making us to learn more and discover more, also help us appreciate where we come from and what we already have.

Is why it doesn’t matter where we go or how we travel, it cultivate us in every sense. Therefore we have to travel in the first opportunity that we have.

Go out and discover new places since at the end it will help us to recognize ourselves and a sense of joy and wonder will remain.

Come, join Us! Book now!

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